Professional Development

Empower your educators to use AI in the classroom

Teachers and administrators can get access to professional development to help them understand AI, and how to best use it in the classroom.
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AI Professional Development

Teachers and administrators learn how to best use AI in the classroom with AI professional development (PD).

Educator AI PD

Teachers can use Skill Struck to access AI professional development. Trainers can also use this PD to do district-wide AI PD sessions. This AI PD includes eight lessons, including topics like: 
Using the AI Chat as a personalized tutor, including tips and tricks for writing prompts that yield the best responses.
How to use Chat for Schools, including setting privacy and safety features for your students.
Ways to use AI Chat to empower your teaching in the classroom.
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Live AI PD sessions

Teachers and administrators can purchase in-person or virtual AI professional development instructed by AI and K-12 experts. Some example AI PD sessions include instruction on:
Understanding large learning models, and how to best use them to enhance learning in the classroom.
Ways to keep students safe while using AI Chat.
Tips and tricks to using AI Chat for tutoring, creating standard-aligned lesson plans, and more.
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Virtual AI events for admins

Administrators with state leaders meet together to discuss best practices for integrating AI in the classroom. These free, virtual events include discussions on: 
What type of control teachers and administrators should have over students using AI in the classroom.
What AI curriculum should be integrated into the classroom.
What funding and grants can be used toward adding AI curriculum, professional development, and solutions.
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Professional Development

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