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Learning Studio is your ultimate teacher assistant, powered by AI

Educators can harness the power of AI to do their busy work, so they can focus on more personalized, differentiated learning in the classroom.
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Personalize student learning using the power of AI.

Learning Studio includes AI powered tools that help assist educators in the classroom. Some of these tools include:
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Quiz Generator

Generate and customize formative assessments that can be pushed to your LMS.
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Writing Assignment

Generate a short or long writing response assignment and rubric for your students.
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Remix Assignment

Customize assignments for various learning styles.
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Lesson Plan

Generate and export standard aligned lesson plans to your LMS.
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Text Transformer

Change the reading level, language, and more for any text.
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Tutor Creator

Create a teaching tutor for a specific topic and export as a lesson.

AI Quiz Generator

Teachers generate formative assessments that can be exported to PDF, and Canvas. Teachers can:
Determine a specific topic for the quiz.
Set the grade level for the quiz questions.
Include standards that the AI needs to include in the quiz it generates.
Tweak the quiz questions and answers after they have been generated by AI.
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Writing Assignment

Teachers generate short or long writing response assignments and rubrics for their students that can be exported to PDF, and Canvas. Teachers can:
Include the learning objectives and standards that the AI needs to include in the assignment and rubric.
Choose the grade level, assignment format, and number of words that are required to pass the assignment.
Edit the assignment and rubric after the AI has generated the first version.

Remix an Assignment

Teachers customize assignments for various learning styles, and export those assignments to PDF, and Canvas. Teachers can:
Create different versions of an assignment including video, presentations, or art formats.
Create up to three topics or theme variations of an assignment using the same medium.
Include special instructions and a rubric for the AI to include in the assignment.
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Lesson plan generator screenshot.

Lesson Plan Generator

Teachers use AI to create lessons plans for their class. These lesson plans can be exported to PDF, and Canvas. Teachers can:
Use the lesson plans and activities as a starting point and personalize them for their classrooms.
Set the grade level and duration of the lesson that the AI will generate.
Include standards and concepts that need to be included in the lesson plan.

Text Transformer

Teachers change the reading level language, and more for any text. They can export the text to PDF, and Canvas. Teachers can: 
Translate any text to any language.
Upload any text and change the reading level comprehension.
Shorten or lengthen text.
Upload any text and the AI will check and fix spelling errors.
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Tutor Creator screenshot.

Tutor Creator

Teachers use AI to create a lesson that is taught by any teaching tutor. Teachers can:
Create fun, unique lesson plans and activities in the voice of any tutor they choose.
Add whatever topic and special instructions they want to include in the lesson.
Export the AI generated lesson to Chat for Schools so students can enjoy!
Educator Tools

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