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"As a STEM teacher, this opens a whole new world of possibilities. I already run an AI unit so this [is] an amazing tool to teach students how AI works and how to use it. I also want to become more adept at using AI since it will be a tool that is used more often in the future and our students WILL adjust to using it much faster than educators will.”
Maddie Perun headshot.
Maddie Perun
STEM Teacher
Denver Public School District
"The tutor creator [saved me time] in that it could give students attention in my absence. The lesson plan/activity generator also helped save me time thinking of new ideas. It assisted me in the simple fact that I had a guide on the side. Teachers value time and Chat for Schools helped with that.”
Michael Drezek headshot.
Michael Drezek
District Technology Integrator
Lake Shore CSD
“The quiz generator and lesson plan generator were time savers because they helped with producing material and questions aligned to our learning standards which saved me time thinking things up.  All I had to do was tweak to add my own personal touch.”
Nicole Kiesewetter
3rd grade teachers
Klein Independent SD
“The AI tool helped with research, tutoring and re-explaining information.  Each one was faster than using a regular search engine. I especially liked being able to dive in deeper with each result and asking for easier explanation.”
Chris Lorenz headshot.
Chris Lorenz
Moreno Valley USD
“[The quiz and lesson plan generators] both saved me time by assisting me in creating a template for a lesson plan or quiz that I could then tweak to make match with what I needed them to cover.”
Devan Miller
Okaloosa County PS
“I found a lot of value in the accessibility to [an AI] chat that is safe and reliable. It brings peace of mind using a technology that is new and somewhat scary.”
Michael Porter headshot.
Michael Porter
Instructional Coach