Customize K12 Learning Experiences using AI Tutors

Engage students in their learning using AI. Teachers create specialized tutors, view chat history, set controls, and more!
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AI for every classroom

Get your teachers and students access to safe, controlled ChatGPT and customer tutors.

Chat Mode

Students write prompts into Chat for Schools and quickly receive AI responses. With an off & on switch and history log, teachers can detect cheating, flag inappropriate messages, and take control of their classrooms.
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Specialized Tutors

Teachers create specialized tutors for any subject. They can include specific standards and have it be taught by any celebrity or character. Students launch these tutors in their student accounts and engage in their learning.
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Sentiment and Chat History

Admins and teachers review positive, neutral, and negative sentiment scores and flagged chat history per student. Teachers review the flagged history and work out any areas of concern with their administration, student, and parents where necessary.
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What our partners say.

Meet Skill Struck's forward-thinking partners in AI.
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“The value of this program was being able to obtain information quicker.  I see this as a great training tool for students. Especially having the option of having the information provide explained easier and being able to have the explanation go deeper if needed. I especially love the tutoring portion.”
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Chris Lorenz, Teacher at Moreno Valley USD
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“As a STEM teacher, this opens a whole new world of possibilities. I already run an AI unit so this [is] an amazing tool to teach students how AI works and how to use it. I also want to become more adept at using AI since it will be a tool that is used more often in the future and our students WILL adjust to using it much faster than educators will.”
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Maddie Perun, STEM Teacher at Denver Public School District

Safe, guided AI for students

Chat for Schools is a safe AI platform for students to learn ChatGPT. Teachers have access to controls like:

History Log

If suspicious of a student using AI to cheat, a teacher can review the prompt inputs and AI outputs from a specific student.
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Reading Level

Teachers can adjust AI responses to communicate with students at the appropriate reading comprehension level.
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On/Off Switch

Teachers control access to the AI Chat inside and outside the classroom, creating appropriate times for students to engage with AI to enhance learning.
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Teachers and administrators are notified when keywords are detected, keeping students safe and administrators in the know.
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Protect students and your district's PII with a secure and isolated environment that doesn’t feed a large learning model.
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Chat for Schools Integrates with tools districts already use including ClassLink and Clever.
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